Fundraising news: Scott’s 37km Yorkshire Dale Challenge

Scott and friends spent their weekend fundraising for Imara by walking 37km across the Yorkshire Dales. They have raised over £800 for the Sanctuary Space Project by completing this challenge – thank you Scott and friends, from all at Imara! Read on to find out how it went…


The day started off as it always does when facing a challenge. Excited. Eager and keen. I got my camping gear ready and my walking boots cleaned. I was pumping to get this day started with my mates and daughter. As always the day had it’s ups and downs like the hills of Yorkshire offer. Once I got my ducks in a row and relaxed I got in the mini bus, started the engine and headed off to Yorkshire to start what would be an amazing experience.

4 hours later and bellies hungry we arrived at our campsite with pen y gent hovering in the distance. The weather wasn’t great to pitch up our tents but five lads helping one another soon had them up and food was bubbling away on the stove. The fire was lit and we all breathed a sigh of relief. That night we prepared ourselves for bed and the chorus of good night John boy echoed around the site. And the snoring began lol!

The next morning which was the day of the challenge we were up and ready bright and early and bags packed ready. We got a photo taken and clocks set to do the countdown of 12 hours. I was adamant we would smash this time. As always with British weather the rain clouds followed and actually it felt nice to have the elements with us not against us. There is something refreshing about rain smashing into you on the hills of Yorkshire. We were doing really well and ahead of time as we reached the first peak and with our heads down we reached the top of pen y gent in a brilliant time and a quick photo later we were on route for our next peak Wirneside which was over 5 miles away. The weather started to be kind to us and the sun shone and our smiles didn’t stop. This was just getting better and better. We finally reached the second peak and heads down we got to the top and high fived it and the banner of Imara came out. Once done we were on our way to the final peak, ingleborough.

This would be testing as we had done almost 20 miles at this point but we knew we had a job to do. This wasn’t about us in any sense. This was about the kids of Imara and what Imara do as an organisation. I kept shouting to the lads don’t dare moan this ain’t about us.

We were doing this and time looked good too. We met a lot of people on our journey all doing something for someone just like us. All the training or should I say the lack of it was actually paying off. We saw our last peak and we were aiming for it like kids to a sweet shop. We tanked up on fluids and sweets from April and hit that last peak. As we just saw the top at the side was a gorgeous natural waterfall and we got in and soaked ourselves in the lush refreshing water god provided. This time our heads were held high and we touched the trig point which was a mark to say it’s done. We smiled. We laughed. We hugged. We’d done it. The walk back down with the tiny little church spire in the distant told us we were homeward bound and this got our buts moving. To be honest the last two miles seemed an age. We felt every rock. Every movement and every creek all over. But we chatted. We laughed we spoke about next year’s challenge. This got us through to cross over the old crooked bridge and to the cafe that said well-done you’ve completed the Yorkshire three peaks challenge. The time we aimed for was 12 hours.

We did it in. . . . 10 hours 49 minutes. Thank you Imara for all your amazing work. Until next year. Ouch!



If you want to fundraise for Imara, get in touch at or let us know on Facebook!


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