Social Media Madness

This week we have been reinventing ourselves within the world of ‘the social’! With the Comic Relief CrowdMatch application sent off and us eagerly awaiting a reply, we got on with building our profile on social media and getting in as many likes as we could ready for the big Sanctuary Space Project campaign. It all began with a couple of training courses on social media to get us up to scratch.

Comic Relief Video Production Training

Apparently, social media posts that contain video are 1200% more likely to be shared than image and texts posts, so, we decided we best learn something about video making if we wanted our social media pages to have plenty of shares. We headed down to the Comic Relief offices in London in order to become video making and posting experts.

‘Video’, it turns out, isn’t as simple as it first seems; it includes platforms like Boomerang, GIFs, Live Coverage, 360 degree footage and animation, all used for different purposes and to convey different messages. At the video production training, we learnt from the best of Comic Relief’s social media team, who taught us how to use your simple mobile phone to create and edit quality video content. We even put our skills to the test by creating one minute videos about a game of rock, paper, scissors (it took a couple of takes to get that right…). We learnt which form of video was most appropriate for which kind of post and how and when to use live footage to raise the profile of an event – watch this space for live video content of all our fundraising events from September!! Most importantly, they showed post videos on social media most effectively, using tagging, hashtagging, sharing and promoting.

So, with all this training under our wings, we made our first little video, with Imara’s director and one of our TCPs explaining why the Sanctuary Space Project is so important for our service users – check it out here:

… and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for even more videos about what Imara is up to, we might even get some Boomerangs and GIFs on there at some point!

Cartwright Communications Social Media Training 

Our Twitter has been doing really well over the last year and we’ve been keeping it up to date with all the exciting fundraising, networking and training that we’ve been doing, but our Facebook hasn’t been doing so well. We thought now was a perfect opportunity to reinvent it and really get it off  the ground. So, with Cartwright Communications help, we joined the 1.5 million not-for-profit organisations using Facebook as a way to advertise their cause! They gave us some really handy tips for our first few posts, such as apps to use and hashtags to jump onto and so we spent the rest of our week planning our post, making info-graphics and creating cover photos, until we did our BIG FACEBOOK LAUNCH… 1 hour in and we’ve reached 20 likes!

We’re really excited about all the posts we have planned for the next couple of weeks all about what Imara does, who our staff are and, of course, the Sanctuary Space Project! If you have any ideas for our social media pages, let us know – tweet us, email us, or message us on our brand new Facebook page!

On that note….

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