The Sanctuary Space Project

Our very first blog post! How exciting… and what better way to use it than to tell you all about the crowdfunding campaign Imara is planning for September this year. Watch this space – it’s going to be BIG!

What are we aiming to do?

Imara moved into a new building in August 2016 in order to expand on office space and rooms for therapy sessions. We have therefore gone from having just one therapy room, to four therapy rooms, a service user waiting area and a garden. However, due to limited funding, the organisation has been unable to utilise these spaces to their full capability as yet. The money attained from this crowdfunding campaign will be directed to transforming our service-user areas within our new building into safe, welcoming and relaxing Sanctuary Spaces: the waiting area, the garden area, and our therapy rooms.

Why do we need Sanctuary Spaces?

Underlying the three main strands of the organisation – legal, advocacy and therapeutic – there is an ambition to ensure that the service allows children and young people who disclose child sexual abuse to feel safe, both in themselves, and in their surrounding environments. The importance of safety for these children and young people is what led Imara to begin the Sanctuary Space project. Redecorating and refurbishing the waiting room area will create a relaxing atmosphere when they first enter the building. Creating a safe and welcoming space in the garden, which can be used by service users on their own accord, or for group meetings or therapeutic sessions, will enhance the service-user experience. And, finally, adding more furnishing, décor and specialist equipment to our therapy rooms will create a safe area specially designed to offer therapeutic support for some of the services’ youngest users.

Who will benefit from the new Sanctuary Spaces?

The service users of Imara will be the key beneficiaries of the project: the creation of the new Sanctuary Spaces will ensure they receive the most welcoming introduction to the service and the best therapeutic sessions can be made available to them. The project will ensure the service can achieve its aim of ensuring the service users feel safe. Ultimately, through this project, Imara can empower the children, young people and families who access its services.

How much will the project cost?

In order to complete the Sanctuary Space project we are trying to raise £7,500 through crowdfunding. We have applied to be match funded by Comic Relief MatchFund to raise half of this money, but we still need to raise a lot through your generous donations and fundraising activities! Keep updated on the blog to see exactly what we’ll be buying with the money to create our Sanctuary Spaces!


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